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Bitmap:   Functional Pictures

Bitmap: Functional Pictures


 (require bitmap/base) package: graphics
 (require bitmap)

The bitmap is a typed functional picture library which employs [Cairo] and [Pango] via ffi/unsafe directly. The initial motivation is to provide efficient, professional, yet handy graphics APIs that lay the foundation for my css engine as well as to be used standalone for developers and artists.

WARNING: This library is still experimental and everything is subject to change.

WARNING: To keep compatible with other Racket picture libraries is not the goal.

    1 Font

      1.1 Descriptor and Properties

      1.2 Typographic Metrics

      1.3 Glyphs Utilities

      1.4 A Glimpse of Properties


    2 Color, Color Model, and Colorspace

      2.1 Color Representation and the RGB Color Model

        2.1.1 Named Colors

 the 'transparent color

 the 'currentcolor color

        2.1.2 Indexed Colors

      2.2 Hue-based Color Models


    3 Miscellaneous

      3.1 Versions