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Behavioral Models

Behavioral Models

Simon Johnston <johnstonskj@gmail.com>

This package provides a number of modules that provide behavioral models. These models, state machines, petri nets, Markov chains, etc. can be used to analyze or simulate real-world systems or act as a test surrogate for components in complex systems as they are developed.

    1 Module behavior/fsm

      1.1 Types and Predicates

      1.2 Construction

      1.3 Execution

    2 Module behavior/markov-chain

      2.1 Types and Predicates

      2.2 Construction

      2.3 Execution

      2.4 GraphViz

    3 Module behavior/petri-net

      3.1 Types and Predicates

      3.2 Construction

      3.3 Execution

    4 Module behavior/reporter