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Ryan Culpepper <ryanc@racket-lang.org>

 (require asn1) package: asn1-lib

This library provides a notation for defining ASN.1 data types and support for encoding and decoding ASN.1 values using the Basic and Distinguished Encoding Rules (BER and DER).

    1 Introduction to the ASN.1 Library

    2 ASN.1 Types

      2.1 Base Types

      2.2 Structured Types

      2.3 The ANY Type

      2.4 ASN.1 Type Utilities

    3 ASN.1 Encoding and Decoding

      3.1 BER Utilities

      3.2 ASN.1 Exceptions

    4 ASN.1 Miscellaneous Utilities

      4.1 ASN.1 Bit String Utilities

      4.2 ASN.1 Named Value Utilities

      4.3 ASN.1 Time Utilities

    5 Translating Existing ASN.1 Definitions

      5.1 Translating ASN.1 Definition Order

      5.2 Translating Information Classes, Objects, and Object Sets

      5.3 Handling Unsupported Types


Development Development of this library is hosted by GitHub at the following project page:


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