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Adjutor:   A Helper Library

Adjutor: A Helper Library

Philip McGrath <philip@philipmcgrath.com>

 (require adjutor) package: adjutor

Adjutor is a library of (mostly) small, useful utilities that I have found myself wanting in many different projects.

Most of this library should be regarded as stable, but those portions documented under Unstable are, as one might guess, experimental and/or under development.

Bug reports, suggestions, and pull requests are welcome via email or on GitHub.

    1 Stable

      1.1 Iteration Forms

      1.2 Guarded Evaluation: when-like Forms

      1.3 Small Utilities

      1.4 Regular Expressions

      1.5 Definitions

      1.6 Serialization

      1.7 Sequence Constructors

      1.8 require-provide: Abbreviations for Re-Exporting

    2 Unstable

      2.1 Detecting Symbolic Link Changes

      2.2 Miscellaneous Utilities

      2.3 Static Argument Checking

      2.4 Structures

      2.5 Extensions to find-executable-path

      2.6 Development To-Do Expressions

      2.7 Testing Meta-Language

      2.8 Extending require-provide