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Package thrift.

Package thrift.

Simon Johnston <[email protected]>

Support for the Apache Thrift framework, including IDL, type system, transport, protocol, and processor (see Thrift Concepts).

Note that features added and supported by this package do not follow the set of required and recommended sets described in Roadmap for adding new language bindings.

    1 Thrift for Racket Architecture

      1.1 Interface Definition Language

      1.2 Transport Layer

      1.3 Protocol Layer

      1.4 Processor Layer

      1.5 Server Layer

    2 Thrift IDL Support.

      2.1 Type System

        2.1.1 Core Types

        2.1.2 Field Type Information

      2.2 IDL Language

      2.3 Code Generator

        2.3.1 Command-Line Launcher

    3 Thrift Transport Support.

      3.1 Transport Common

      3.2 Buffered and Framed Transports

      3.3 File Transport

      3.4 Console Transport

      3.5 In-Memory Transport

    4 Thrift Protocol Support

      4.1 Protocol Common

      4.2 Binary Protocol

      4.3 Compact Protocol

      4.4 JSON Protocol

      4.5 Multiplexed Protocol

      4.6 S-Expression Protocol

      4.7 Decoding Support

    5 Thrift Processor Support

      5.1 Processor Types

    6 License