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1 Introduction
2 Synopsis
3 Examples
5 Ramblings


David K. Storrs

 (require struct-plus-plus) package: struct-plus-plus

1 Introduction

This module extends Racket’s struct keyword in order to support field defaults, field contracts, and field wrapper functions.

It does not currently support supertypes or mutable fields.

It currently supports the #:mutable struct option, but that may be removed in a future version.

2 Synopsis

(struct++ type:id (field ...) struct-option ...)


  field =  field-id

        | [field-id                   field-contract               ]

        | [field-id                   field-contract   wrapper-func]

        | [(field-id  default-value)                               ]

        | [(field-id  default-value)  field-contract               ]

        | [(field-id  default-value)  field-contract   wrapper


  field-contract = contract?


  struct-option = As per the 'struct' builtin. (#:transparent, #:guard, etc)

WARNING: The #:mutable struct option is currently supported but may be disallowed in a future version.

3 Examples

Declare a



(struct++ pie (filling [(cook-temp 450) exact-positive-integer? F->C]))

The above line declares a struct named pie.

pie has two fields: filling and cook-temp

filling accepts any value

cook-temp defaults to 450, must be an exact-positive-integer?, and the value will be run through the F->C function when the struct is created and whenever the field’s functional setter (i.e. set-pie-cook-temp) is called

It also creates the following functions:

(define/contract (pie++ #:filling filling #:cook-temp [cook-temp 450])
  (->* (#:filling any/c) (#:cook-temp exact-positive-integer?) pie?)
  (pie filling (F->C cook-temp)))
(define/contract (set-pie-filling p new-filling)
  (-> pie? any/c pie?)
  (struct-copy pie [filling new-filling]))
(define/contract (set-pie-cook-temp p new-temp)
  (-> pie? exact-positive-integer? pie?)
  (struct-copy pie [cook-temp (F->C new-temp)]))
(define/contract (update-pie-cook-temp p func)
  (-> pie? (-> any/c exact-positive-integer?) pie?)
  (struct-copy pie [cook-temp (F->C (func <current-value>))]))

You can leave out some or all of the field options:

(struct++ pie (filling cook-temp))
(struct++ pie (filling [(cook-temp 450)]))
(struct++ pie (filling [cook-temp       exact-positive-integer?]))
(struct++ pie (filling [cook-temp       exact-positive-integer? F->C]))
(struct++ pie (filling [(cook-temp 450) exact-positive-integer?]))

Also, struct options are supported:

(struct++ pie
          ([filling (or/c 'berry "berry" 'chocolate "chocolate" 'cheese "cheese")
           [(cook-temp 450) exact-positive-integer? add1])
          (with-contract pie
            #:result (-> (or/c 'berry "berry"
                               'chocolate "chocolate"
                               'cheese "cheese")
            (lambda (filling cook-temp type)
              (values filling cook-temp))))


5 Ramblings

It might be worth it to wrap a contract around the non-keyword constructor and forbid the #:mutable struct option. This would make it impossible to have a struct++ item that did not match its contracts. On the other hand, trusting the programmer to know what they’re doing is a good thing. Maybe add a struct option that would enable this behavior?