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Pollen-rock:   an improved Pollen server

Pollen-rock: an improved Pollen server

Pollen-rock improves Pollen web server by providing an interface for querying project configuration and file information. It also comes with a convenient in-browser editor that helps you compose and typeset your prose.

Pollen-rock is simply an add-on of Pollen rendering server. This new rendering server does not change Pollen language’s semantics. Hate Pollen being silent on your undefined tag functions? You’ll find the same behavior in Pollen-rock as well, because Pollen-rock uses Pollen to render your file. But Pollen-rock’s built-in editor has the ability to inform you about that undefined tag, and you can make the decision what to do about it.

Internally, Pollen-rock provides a RESTful web API for querying various information of a Pollen project and source files. If you’re interested in writing your tools using the RESTful API, continue to Pollen-rock Server Specification. If you’re interested in Pollen-rock built-in editor, continue to Installation.

    1 Installation

    2 Use Pollen-rock

      2.1 Start the Server

      2.2 Dashboard

      2.3 Render

      2.4 Use the Editor

    3 Pollen-rock Server Specification

      3.1 Query the Server

      3.2 RESTful API

        3.2.1 POST /rest/fs/$path

        3.2.2 GET /rest/fs/$path

        3.2.3 GET /rest/tags/$file

        3.2.4 GET /rest/config/$file

        3.2.5 GET /rest/watch/$file

        3.2.6 GET /rest/search/$file

        3.2.7 GET /rest/render/$file

    4 Development

      4.1 Install

      4.2 RESTful API

      4.3 Rebuild the Docs

      4.4 The Editor